Trust & Transparency.  Our two core values our clients expect.






When assets & wealth reach a certain size, their complexity will increase. As a result, the need of several professional experts mandates an integrated management service. This is precisely what Bluestone Private Office provides: to act as a trusted advisor for the families, providing integrated services as diverse as banking facilities, privacy structures, tax management, legal and fiscal planning, wealth structuring, real estate asset management, etc.

Bluestone Private Office becomes the centre of the decision-making process. It enables a perfect coordination between all areas related to the family wealth with our experience, authenticity and closeness with our clients we grow long-lasting relationships.



Our reputation & credibility is our most important asset. Bluestone founders have built, along with their clients, an exceptional long-term business relationship based on values, professionalism and ethics!

Focused on offering an independent and first-class service giving priority to our client’s interests, we based our philosophy on work values such as transparence, discipline, confidentiality, integrity and long-term vision.

01. experts in their fields

Our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to bring protection, diversification and assets growth to our client

02. Peace of mind

We provide integrated services that enable a perfect coordination between all areas related to the family wealth, which gives you tranquility.

03. independence

Our open structure model allows us to have complete independence and a quick execution.

04. trustworthiness

Our close proximity to our clients allow us to advise them during their time of need.


In today's increasingly unpredictable world, your assets protection has become a top priority.




The Family Office Chairman is a serial entrepreneur has various investment interest's in asset management, fintech companies, food and beverages, import and export services and global real estate companies..

Our clients get first access to all of our private equity opportunities, and have the right to invest alongside us, should they wish. Our team is also available in assisting in performing due diligence and analysis on investment opportunities, as well as advice in the financing and fund raising efforts. Our proprietary deal flow covers various sectors and industries, including, but not limited to:

Real Estate - Utilities - Energy - Green Energy - Resources - Financials Infrastructure - Technology



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